Burned Out

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I think many of us are “burned out.” You?


Through Another Lens

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If you’re looking at this on my Facebook page, there’s a redirect to this blog. (you just click it) After the recent appearance of Facebook’s founder before developers and the talk of “augmented reality” it’s become clear to me that I instead need reality. It’s a bit worrisome after the “Live Murder” and “Fake News” that seeing everything on the screen through the “Lens of Facebook might be affecting life beyond the screen far more than we imagine. I’ll still be checking in often to see what my friends are doing. I’m not going away. (That’d why this thing was started in the first place. Right?) Have a lovely day and here’s something to read beyond my post.


After all this dust has settled. 

It’s time to Be Good and Do Good. More then a theme or slogan. A lifestyle.

 Thanks Dave Bullock. You made a boys dream come true without even knowing it. You just did the right thing on your part. It fulfilled a dream of someone else and you didn’t even know it. 

Maybe if we all pitch in on our respective parts it will all turn out “Good. “

Weary and Beaten Down

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Could it really be that my High Speed Life has finally exhausted me and my store of seemingly infinite energy?
It’s entirely possible and in this age, it may be more from fighting the “new normal” this current generation accepts than just aging. Nothing really works smoothly and You gird yourself for a fight almost from the moment you’re out of the bed.
A smooth flow and stress free day are as rare as snow in Miami.
An Answer?
Death I suppose or as an alternative, a career and existence that shuns the social media and city life.
Life’s not fair and never has been. It’s going to be worse for the next couple of generations I suspect. Don’t wear yourself out trying to change it kids. The Empire will never bend and you’ll be “Slaves to the Old Tyrant” despite the deals you make.
Peace to You

Before Fun

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USD 1100, 787, 300, 250, 345, 80, 40 just to turn the key in the door every month. Then, food and fun.

Life is a series of choices.


Eight years ago, entrepreneurs Ed Fenster and Lynn Jurich founded residential solar installer Sunrun in San Francisco with backing by some of the most well known firms in Silicon Valley. Fast forward to Thursday, and the company revealed plans to raise $100 million (or probably more) by going public on Nasdaq.

Over the course of the past eight years, the solar industry, and the venture capitalists of Silicon Valley, have faced some dramatic changes. Sunrun’s IPO plans, and its accompanying financial documents, highlight both the evolution of an early solar startup, as well as the increasingly competitive, cash-hungry, and maturing solar market that the company must compete in.


But let’s start at the beginning. In 2007 solar panels were relatively expensive, and the cost to install them on roof tops was still pretty high. The average price to install solar panels (blended across type of project) in…

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Ahhh, Life in The Airline Biz.

So this lady was late for here early morning flight, still at home and would clearly miss her flight that involved a connecting flight as well. She was cranky and wanted me to rebook her on the next flight ( no charge, etc.) I did.

When I explained to her that her new flight was on time but the connection was running late, she went off on me.

You people are always late, etc. What are you going to do for me? Keep in mind I just finished rebooking her for free because she was late. Now she wants compensation. It’s like this every day. We (my airline) is Always at fault even when they are at fault.

Happy Wednesday