Is God Minding The Store?

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I always wonder about that when some really bad and outrageous things happen “up close and personal” in my life. Watched another 17 year old take the xtc path over the good and safe life today. One day he was working in God’s garden having a great time with great friends and plenty of fun. A so called “friend” of his introduced him to the “herb” and all other drugs. They are both on the run as of today. On the run in plain view. Staying in an apartment in a beautiful complex with a girl they are using and her dad the postal clerk who harbors them all. An innocent taken by the evil one disguised as his friend.
Hard to believe a lot in the human word these days. I saw Pink this afternoon on Oprah as I walked through the den. She seems to have problems believing too.

So Where Are You? I know, you were here all along.
Another one just got shoplifted from your store. It’s not just a cost of business issue anymore, It’s An Emergency!
“Pray as if everything depends on God. Act, as if everything depends on You”
St. Augustine


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