Life is a Crazy Business, A Slave to Money and the Drug Wars

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well dudes and dudettes. It’s been a crazy 14 days and it shows no signs of letting up soon.
Doctors appointments that turn into major issues only to find that there really may not be an issue at all. A political upheaval in the US House won on a repeal health care and lower spending promise only to discover that repeal of the health care bill is not really going to happen and spending has to continue to keep the economy afloat.
The drug war in Mexico goes on but the real war is happening right under our noses in our own families. Our own kids taking drugs that disappear from your system in 24 hours but leave the kids screwed up for life and the family broken both emotionally and financially. RIP little Zac, Ashley, and others. You’ve crossed into unknown Adult territory now and will reap the rewards of your actions.
The city I live in has gone crazy with enforcement on code and traffic issues based on laws or statutes no one knew existed and the list goes on and on.
Could the real root of the problem be the Almighty Dollar? The chasing of it before all other things?
It’s a real possibility!
Have a great weekend.


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