Would you stake your life on another human being?

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most of us have someone in our lives who we would count on no matter what. Some of those people may even be the type we would stake our lives on.
It’s become clear to me over the last few months that my wife has completely and totally staked her life and survival on me and my actions. It’s pretty frightening to know this. I hope I have met a standard with her and her care that was beyond what was expected. I am more than humbled by this responsibility and knowledge.
It made me want to know if other people have staked their lives and survival on another human being, turning everything over to them. It also got me wondering if I had someone I would turn my life and survival over to and if they would really handle it responsibly.
So I’m writing and talking but I need to shut up and listen.

Do any of you have a person you’ve staked your life on in the past or present?
How have they handled that responsibility?
Have they hurt you or have they performed beyond all expectations?
It would be incredibly helpful to me and perhaps others if you let me know.

Peace and Love to You All

P.S. Yes, I have prayed hard and acted when necessary only to doubt if I had interpreted God’s will properly. It will have to wait.


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