Would you buy a Car from This Guy?

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before you read further, read this: Most of the readers have been 18 already, fully understand what it’s like to make your mark and find your way in life.
Success is paramount at that tender age and being noticed is everything. I applaud the individual mentioned below for his drive to succeed and all things I say and mention are an observation. He knows that I back great behavior 100% and when we fall short ( myself included ) we say “sorry” pick it up and get it better the next time. The observation starts now.

I had an interesting conversation with a young man today who told me tales of getting his ears pierced and then gauging them out. Apparently he’s following an example of his latest employer. This must be a very unusual employer seeing as this conversation took place over a request for money from me, cigarettes from me and a promise to return to a place where he’s loved and respected. I guess that old ho hum job at a major airline has a real benefit. It generates cash and more.

That got me thinking. If I owned a car dealership, wanted to sell as many cars as professionally as possible and make as much money as I could, who would I want helping me?
(You know I’ve done this and more before and I’m on hold for a brief time while we work out Carroll’s health issues)
For me and the buying public trust begins with a first impression.
I’d get the good looking, clean cut professional. He’d sell like hell because people liked his look and his “put you at ease” demeanor.

I ask you America the Beautiful, who would you buy from and why?

See the pictures I have below and let me know. My life and future could depend on that opinion. I’ll let you know the results in the next post. Do I have a reason for asking this? You bet I do! A young man’s life and future could depend on it.
So could mine. So could yours.
What will it be America, Freak or First Class?

Thanks RJ for the use of your image.


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