And the medical saga continues

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Carroll’s medical saga continues from the admission to Richardson Methodist on June 20, 2011. Her docs have determined that the pneumonia was still present and have been treating it.
I was informed this morning that she also has Pseudomonas in her lungs so we will have to see what the docs would like to do about that. I’m going to post this now and will update it this evening when I know more.( And the edit begins)
The docs ( all of them ) are going to have Carroll sent to San Remo Rehabilitation Center in Richardson for 2-3 weeks of IV Antibiotics to eliminate the Pneumonia, Pseudomonas, the nasty UTI that’s developed and the Cellulitis in her arm. It’s a really nasty mix of problems that are tough to cure without killing the patient.
She should be moved tomorrow and despite all of this, she has a really great attitude about it. Thank God, typical Carroll response. The Energizer Bunny.
I’ll let you know more tomorrow.
Thanks and God Bless


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