Step Aside Paul. You’re not driving now. Relax! Let Go, Let God

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

And God Spoke to me through the people and events in my daily life. I was shocked.

What?  I’m not driving?

I’ve been driving for years with a really good record of getting people where they want to go. No bang ups, smash ups or injuries. A RUSH  now and then but safety first and cross the finish line.

I’ve gotten Carroll to where she is now by the hardest and Zac too by the hardest.

I’ve fought for them and fought them to make it happen as you desired.

Relax? I’m not done……I have to save Carroll again and get Zac through his present issue.

“Sit Down and Relax God Said. You’ve done a great job and I have other plans for you now. This story is so long and so loving that we do not have enough space to write it here. It will have to be written in the heavens where there is no lack of space or time. It’s the appropriate place. You carried Carroll with great care, understanding and love through some very difficult things when I needed your hands, determination and heart to do it. Well done.”

“You’re done on that. Just Love her now and let me take care of the rest.” ( a whisper)

“Now about Zachary; he’s my child and I gave him to you for safekeeping and to show him that a man could love him unconditionally and never ever give up on him. Just like I never give up on people. You have done that Paul and continue to do that. He has interests right now that do not coincide with my plan for him. He will get there ultimately but You Paul, Do Not need to be part of this plan of his. You Paul were there for my plan. Yes, I know you thought it was crazy but you had faith, did exactly what I wanted and told him what I wanted him to know. He’s a bit deaf now and he’s going to have to learn it the hard way. Let the ones who have him, have him. I’ll take care of this too.”

Relax on that one too Paul. Job well done. Go have some fun, love Carroll, love Zachary from a distance. I’ll send you a lot more to love too. Look at that dog of yours, you love him and he loves you. Unconditionally.

DOG=Unconditional Love ( You Love Him Like That Too)

GOD=Unconditional Love ( Do You Love Me Like That Paul?)

Please let go Paul and Let Me Handle these things. It’s painful to give them up I know but the pain will be healed and replaced with happiness when I send you on a new adventure.

Can You Do That For Me?

You Know I Love you.







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