Nothing Can Save You

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

After an overnight conversation with one of my accidental children I went to bed in a rather unsettled mood. When I woke up, an older woman (she said she was 90) was washing dishes in my kitchen. Pour soul had walked away from her daughters house 2 doors down and come in via our patio door. She was clearly confused but as pleasant as could be. After a cup of coffee with her and a police visit to bring her home, I was even more unsettled. I have remained that way and had several other surprises presented to me until I finally went to bed.

I’m writing to you now my children as a clean and sober person who has learned not to reach for the bottles (pill or liquor) when things get painful. No Ocean of Alcohol, Field of Opium, or Forest of Weed can Save Us From Ourselves and the Destructive Complacency That Creeps Into Us When We Use. Only Aggressive Spiritual Growth And The Kindness Of Friends, Family and Strangers Can Help Us.

We Just Want To Be Loved And Accepted Kids.

It’s So Simple And We’re So Stubborn.

  1. Sandy Smith-Lazare says:

    Keep strong my friend. Praying for you. Love you always my brother.

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