Twenty Six Today

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I posted this here because it started the Accidental Fathers spiritual journey toward this blog. Way Back Then.

Twenty Six years ago today, I left the Rockies and headed home to New Orleans after 2 weeks away from my everyday world. It included 8 days at Wind River Ranch which was still in the family then. When I arrived home I realized I’d been changed for the better by my experience and life would never be the same again. Thank You God for that enlightenment, Wind River Ranch for the experience and Carroll for being Helen’s niece and sharing the family treasure of “The Ranch” with me.
God Bless You Zac, Jeremy, Gunnar, Tyler, Jakob, Clint, Kamii, Sarah, Natasha, Kiana and Colin for allowing me to be in your lives. Thank you to all of you who I’ve been given the privilege of sponsoring over the years. God must be good beyond imagination to let me be part of your lives and formation.
Love to Ashley, Steven and Dylan for letting me improve my parenting skills with my own grandchildren, (post Hurricane Katrina.) We had fun; didn’t we?
Love and Peace to All of You Always,


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