Emotional Ignorance and the Death Of Relationships

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome Back!

After a rather unusual time away from here , I’ll pick up from the weekend.

It Is Amazing How We Can Be So “In Charge” and so open to so many things BUT so damaged by the Emotional Ignorance of another person. Think About That.

How Many Times Has Someone You Know Set You Up For Happiness In Your Mind (sometimes theirs at some point as well) and then they abruptly destroy the whole thing blowing up past, present and future? A completely self serving move without regard for collateral damage. They sometimes do it over and over.

I’ve decided it (emotional ignorance, selfishness too) is the whole answer to why we now live in a time where divorce, children out of wedlock, bankruptcy and suicide are at an all time high. Life has been cheapened to the instant thrill and avoidance of any commitment to anything or anyone.

Do Me A Favor Folks. If Someone Does Something Like This To You, “Nail Them To A Cross Instantly” and Do Not Relent on that instance. Education Is The Key To A Better Life For Everyone. We Forgot To Teach Emotional Intelligence Along The Line And We’re Suffering For It.

  1. Chris says:

    How do I know it’s not me?

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