Weary and Beaten Down

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Could it really be that my High Speed Life has finally exhausted me and my store of seemingly infinite energy?
It’s entirely possible and in this age, it may be more from fighting the “new normal” this current generation accepts than just aging. Nothing really works smoothly and You gird yourself for a fight almost from the moment you’re out of the bed.
A smooth flow and stress free day are as rare as snow in Miami.
An Answer?
Death I suppose or as an alternative, a career and existence that shuns the social media and city life.
Life’s not fair and never has been. It’s going to be worse for the next couple of generations I suspect. Don’t wear yourself out trying to change it kids. The Empire will never bend and you’ll be “Slaves to the Old Tyrant” despite the deals you make.
Peace to You

  1. Sandy says:

    Time to slow down my friend and smell the roses. You have more life to live. Yes, we’re getting old, but we don’t have to stop livings. Just slow down a bit. Hugs

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