Yes, it is a rather solitary experience. I’m surrounded by people, places and things but I’ve withdrawn from a number of my normal social practices. It gets lonely and it must be how the aged and institutionalized feel when they get out of touch with their social circle. What a great insight this might actually be for the future and how I relate to others.
(It’s No Fun Fasting And Abstaining From Meat On Friday Either)
Peace And Love To You Always,


Twenty Six Today

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I posted this here because it started the Accidental Fathers spiritual journey toward this blog. Way Back Then.

Twenty Six years ago today, I left the Rockies and headed home to New Orleans after 2 weeks away from my everyday world. It included 8 days at Wind River Ranch which was still in the family then. When I arrived home I realized I’d been changed for the better by my experience and life would never be the same again. Thank You God for that enlightenment, Wind River Ranch for the experience and Carroll for being Helen’s niece and sharing the family treasure of “The Ranch” with me.
God Bless You Zac, Jeremy, Gunnar, Tyler, Jakob, Clint, Kamii, Sarah, Natasha, Kiana and Colin for allowing me to be in your lives. Thank you to all of you who I’ve been given the privilege of sponsoring over the years. God must be good beyond imagination to let me be part of your lives and formation.
Love to Ashley, Steven and Dylan for letting me improve my parenting skills with my own grandchildren, (post Hurricane Katrina.) We had fun; didn’t we?
Love and Peace to All of You Always,

The Angry & Ugly American(s)

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After a week of listening to the customers of my employer this week and careful reflection, it’s become Very Clear to me that The People  of America, The United States of America are ANGRY about so many things that they are willing to take it out on anyone they can. What is Wrong with Us?

I hope we survive to see a better day. I’d hate to do down in Anger.

Peace and Love to You All




I slept on it overnight. I’ll post it I said. And So It Goes.

I’m Batting .1000

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“Used” Again! I’m Batting .1000. The Accidental Father Rides Again!
Any Guesses Whodunit this time?
Peace To You Always.

A “Reset” on my Life

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It seems all of a sudden that a whole host of changes that have transpired in the past are now coming together to perform a “Reset” on my life. How I work, who I relate to, who I trust, how I handle my money. Everything!

(I suppose I should trust no one but myself with everything yet that would totally restrict me to my own little world. It’s a “High Wire” act.)

It’s so unusual how the smallest decisions grow and gain relevance over time and the major decisions are still valid.

(I should never make a personal decision for someone else, it affects me as well down the line. It’s amazing to me always how drastically another persons life situation can affect your life as well.)

If you have a job in Corporate America and your boss is a tyrant or controller it can really cause terrible issues outside of work. Why are they never held accountable personally?

(It’s a “Gray Area” that should be explored)

Peace be with you and I’ll update you soon!


P.S. I’m going to eat lunch with Carroll today. Her loss has been working on me as well. Image



Nothing Can Save You

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After an overnight conversation with one of my accidental children I went to bed in a rather unsettled mood. When I woke up, an older woman (she said she was 90) was washing dishes in my kitchen. Pour soul had walked away from her daughters house 2 doors down and come in via our patio door. She was clearly confused but as pleasant as could be. After a cup of coffee with her and a police visit to bring her home, I was even more unsettled. I have remained that way and had several other surprises presented to me until I finally went to bed.

I’m writing to you now my children as a clean and sober person who has learned not to reach for the bottles (pill or liquor) when things get painful. No Ocean of Alcohol, Field of Opium, or Forest of Weed can Save Us From Ourselves and the Destructive Complacency That Creeps Into Us When We Use. Only Aggressive Spiritual Growth And The Kindness Of Friends, Family and Strangers Can Help Us.

We Just Want To Be Loved And Accepted Kids.

It’s So Simple And We’re So Stubborn.

It’s Almost Here

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Christmas is right around the corner!